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It’s not your old fashioned, “insert tab A in slot A” sex, right? In this survey by the Centers for Disease Control, of teenage girls ages 15 – 19 have engaged in oral sex.In fact, one of the girls says that “the role of oral sex, particularly in a relationship, is to avoid the whole ‘virginity’ issue.” So oral sex is not “technically” sexual intercourse. That doesn’t rule out the fact that oral sex is still a sexual activity, especially since it involves another person’s genitalia. “It’s as common as kissing for teens,” said Azam, who did four years of research for her documentary,” Oral Sex is the New Goodnight’s Kiss.” In fact, oral sex is casual enough to be used as a type of currency; it’s become a form of casual prostitute, in which a girl or a boy hands out sexual favors to peers for purses, money, or even homework answers.Question 1: Would I still be a virgin if I have oral sex? In a clip aired on ABC’s Good Morning America, their answer was: “Technically, no.” And that makes sense, doesn’t it?Oral sex, as we all know, is when you apply your mouth to someone else’s genitalia.

In other words, oral sex was no more or less likely to happen in hookups versus more committed types of sexual encounters.

A man was denied entry to the US because of his gay apps.

Grindr users were also urged to stay safe after a student was found dead, and more than 400 men turned up to have sex with a man after someone posed as him using fake profiles.

You know, if you can replicate that while tonguing your dirty, germ-ridden phone screen.

You can also use your fingers – just like in the non-virtual world.

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